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Who is trichome farms?

Lets Get to Know Your Grower.


Trichome Farms is an award winning craft cannabis farm located in the rolling red hill of Dundee, Oregon in the heart of Oregon’s wine country. Trichome Farms was founded in 2015 with a primary goal of producing high quality cannabis for the medical and recreational marijuana markets in the State of Oregon. Co-founders Ted Gurin and Zach Davis brought together over a decade of experience and knowledge in the industry and began producing cannabis. After receiving their recreational marijuana producer license from the State of Oregon, Trichome Farms chose to focus primarily on organically grown, high quality, indoor recreational marijuana produced in their indoor facility in Dundee, Oregon. The owners cleared the land and built the warehouse from the ground up after purchasing a three-acre parcel in 2016.

After a short time, Trichome Farms was recognized for the quality of their flower by winning Best Greenhouse Flower and taking second place for the People’s Choice award at the first event they entered, the 2016 Ganja Con. Since then, they have gone on to take 6 more wins including winning the People’s Choice Award at both the 2016 and 2017 Oregon Growers Cup and most recently placing Runner Up at the 2018 High Times Dope Cup.

Currently consumers can find Trichome Farms products in over 50 dispensaries throughout the state of Oregon. Not only is the brand recognized for the loose flower available in stores but also through collaborations with the State’s top rated and most recognized extract producers.


Organic, indoor grown, hand trimmed

quality Craft cannabis


Trichome Farms always strives to bring the best flower possible to the market. All of our flower is organic, hand trimmed and indoor grown. To stay competitive and keep progressing we are always introducing new verity and looking for new and unique cultivars however some of the staples include the 7X award winning Black Widow, our own unique cultivar, Zkittlez Magoo as well as Obama Kush, Crater Kush, Glazed Apricot Gelato and Lost Cause.

All of our flower is indoor grown in a climate-controlled environment and cared for very carefully through its life cycle. Flower is grown in 4x4 beds to mimic natural conditions and promote lateral root growth. The flower beds are made up of all organic material including our soil mix and amendments like bat guano, fish compost, kelp meal, glacial rock and many other natural raw ingredients. Instead of bottle nutrients, we use compost teas which are brewed on site and adjusted per plan needs.

When the flower is taken down, it is cured in our climate-controlled curing room and then hand trimmed by our professional crew. Small buds are separated for joint and extracts so noting but the best nugs are left for the consumers and retail. Grab some of our flower at any of our partner retailers and let us know what you think!


When you grow the best, you partner with the best



Trichome Farms has been very fortunate to work with some of the best extract artists in the state. Customers can enjoy or collaborations with top processors like Willamette Valley Extracts, White Label Extract as well as the solvent-less products processed with Permaculture Solutions. To expand on these relationships and deliver more diverse products to the market, Trichome Farms is launching a hybrid house grow that will be designated for making live resin extracts with these processors.

Another unique product offered by Trichome Farms is the BFJ. Our Big F***ing Joints come in two sizes, the 5 gram BFJ and the 3 gram BFJ mini. This product is launching late November 2018 however it has already been recognized as a 2 nd place winner in the most recent High Times Dope Cup in Oregon.


Award winning cannabis




1st Place Best Greenhouse – Ganja Con

1st Place People’s Choice Award – Oregon Growers Cup

2nd Place People’s Choice Award – Ganja Con

2nd Place Best Indoor – Ganja Con


1st Place Best Sativa – Cannabis Classic

1st Place People’s Choice Award – Oregon Growers Cup

2nd Place Best Indoor – Oregon Growers Cup


2nd Place Best Pre-Roll – High Times Dope Cup


Diversification Through CBD Farming

30 acre Outdoor grow


Since the Oregon recreational marijuana market is struggling as a whole, with limited expansion possibilities, Trichome Farms diversified into another area of cannabis production. By planting the CBD fields this year, we gained a lot of experience and knowledge as well as a chance to add to the company’s portfolio. Although growing CBD is a completely different process then the craft indoor cannabis that we are known for, it is accepted nationwide and it is also possible to export and cross state borders with this product. We saw a market that had low supply and were able to use our knowledge of the cannabis plant to produce CBD for the medical and recreational markets world wide.